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Pest Control


pest-control-wildlife-removalWe are an Athens pest control company who offers professional pest removal services including flea removal, rat removal, mouse control, bed bug removal, termite solutions, ant removal and much more. Our expert exterminators in Athens will assess your situation and provide the best solution to take care of your pest problems.

AAardvark Exterminating employs exterminators who are courteous, skilled and efficient when it comes to all types of pest removal.

AArdvark Exterminating – Athens Exterminator

The skilled Athens exterminators at AArdvark Exterminating will provide the best Athens pest removal solutions that will leave your home free of bed bugs and other pests. Our top priority is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and we always ensure that your Athens pest problem is completely resolved. We will take our time to get the job done right, as opposed to large companies who place time limits on each job that they do.

Athens Termite Control

Our Athens termite control service will effectively treat and eliminate termite infestations as well as prevent any future activity.  Rather than try treat the termites yourself, you should leave it in the hands of our professional Athens pest control technicians.


Athens Rodent Removal

Perhaps except for pet types, majority of the human population hate rodents. They are sneaky pests, lurking around homes waiting for the right time to chew and gnaw on something. And no, they do not care whether they have your special documents for dinner or lunch, all that matters to them is that they get to do what they want in your absence. If you are thinking of rat removal you need to make sure that you ask help from people who know how to properly get rid of your rodent visitors. You don’t expect to put a small cheese as bait and have the rats gone by morning do you?

Services We Provide in Athens, Georgia

Rodent Control

Roach Control

Flea Control

Ant Control

Commercial Pest Control

Termites Solutions

Bed Bugs

If you are looking for Athens Pest Control then please call 706-353-7073 or complete our online request form.