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Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Services Bethlehem, Ga

Bethlehem Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Having these Problems?

Scratching Noises in Your Attic?
Unwanted Wildlife on Property?
Problem Bird or Bat Infestation?
Digging Lawn or Under House?
We Can Solve It!

Aardvark Exterminating , Pest Control and Wildlife Removal is a full-service wildlife control company. Georgia’s many wildlife animals have learned to adapt and even thrive in our homes. For example some wildlife have found that attics make great places to live. Other animals find refuge under homes or porches. All to often, these animals cause a great deal of damage to our homes. Rodents, like squirrels and rats, love to chew on electrical wires once in an attic, and this causes a serious fire hazard. Raccoons can cause serious contamination in an attic with their droppings and parasites. Same goes for bat or bird colonies. We specialize in solving wildlife problems, from snakes, mice, squirrels, raccoon’s, bats, bees and many more….We handle nearly all aspects of wildlife control, and resolve conflicts between people and wildlife in a humane and professional manner consistent with DNR rules and regulations.

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Pest Control and Termite Solutions Bethlehem Georgia

Pest Control and Exterminating

Are pest and termites concerning you in Bethlehem?

We are an Athens area pest control company that offers professional pest and wildlife removal services including flea removal, rat removal, mouse control, bed bug removal, termite solutions, ant removal and much more. One of the most common questions we get here at Aardvark Exterminating and Wildlife Removal is about our pest and termite control. Before a homeowner agrees to this kind of work they generally want to know what is going to be involved and included. For one thing you want to be sure you are working with a company whose team members are certified, licensed, bonded and insured for pest eradication. The skilled exterminators at Aardvark Exterminating and Wildlife services will provide the best pest control and wildlife removal solutions that will leave your home free of termites, bed bugs and other pests. Our top priority is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and we always ensure that your pest and wildlife problem is completely resolved. We will take our time to get the job done right, as opposed to large companies who place time limits on each job that they do.

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Bethlehem, Ga Bed Bug Removal

Do you have bed bugs in your home?

Bed bugs are often undetected when entering your home. Common ways of entering are through used beds, couches, clothing, luggage, and other items. They can fit into tiny places with their flattened bodies and are about the size of the height of a business card. Unlike ants or bees, bed bugs do not have nest but tend to live in groups in hiding places. Typical hiding places are headboards, bed frames, box springs, and mattresses. Over time, however, they may scatter through the bedroom, moving into any crevice or protected location. They may also spread to nearby rooms or apartments. Because bedbugs live solely on blood, having them in your home is not a sign of dirtiness. You are as likely to find them in immaculate homes and hotel rooms as in filthy ones. Most bedbug bites are painless at first, but later turn into itchy welts. Unlike flea bites that are mainly around the ankles, bedbug bites are on any area of skin exposed while sleeping. Also, the bites do not have a red spot in the center like flea bites do. People who don’t realize they have a bedbug infestation may attribute the itching and welts to other causes, such as mosquitoes. To confirm bedbug bites, you must find and identify the bugs themselves.

Bed Bug Infestation

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